How to Get Some Peace of mind in Letting Your Kids Study at School for the First Time

formal education

formal education

It is not always happen to all parents but it cannot be denied that letting kids to study at school to receive formal education for the first time might be something that create certain nervousness. There are quite a lot of things that parents could possibly think about in this case. Let us say that they are worried about whether or not their kids can get along with other kids properly or about whether or not their kids are able to study properly at school. This kind of thing might also be the one that disturb you in mind. If that is so, here are some tips to help you letting your kids study at school for the very first time.

The easiest thing that you can do in order to let your kids to study formal education is choosing a school that you can really trust. This way, you do not have to spend time all day waiting outside school just because you are worried that something may happen to them. The meaning of trusted school here is no other else but the school with excellent reputation. Even this school might cost quite much, what you and your kids will get from it is equal to the total amount of money that you have to pay for the education. What would the world be like without us

Other than the previous tip, you can also think about choosing a school chosen by people in your neighborhood quite the most for your kids to receive formal education. The reason why you should think about this school is because there is a chance for your kids to study together with those who already become their friends at home. For you, this kind of thing might be the one that can bring some peace of mind so that you do not have to think about anything too much and can let your kids study peacefully at school.

The Importance of Formal Education

Formal EducationWhen we talk about education we will not only get education from our home. Our parents will become the first educator for all children in the home. They will teach us to do some activities, to talk, to ask for permission, to ask for request and some other things. Our parents also teach us how to be a good child not only for family but for other people too. We are not enough to get education only at home. We need to have education in a school too. That is why after certain age, our parents will send us to the school. Education in the school is called as formal education. We will meet other friends and there will be some teachers that will teach us with some subjects.

What we will learn from the school? We will learn about all things such as science, math, art, and also how to communicate with other classmates. Our teachers then will become our second parents. We have new parents in the school. They will give us punishment when we break the rules. They will pay attention to us in all things. Formal education will be started with pre-school class first. Under five year children can join pre-school class. After that, children will enter elementary school, junior high school, senior high school and finally they can also enter university or college.

Education is important because education gives us lots of advantages. We will learn new thing that we don’t know before. Some children in the modern time choose to search all things in Google but there are some things that they can’t understand directly from Google. That is why you must take the formal class. You need to have good education because you need to have good job. All people will accept you to become their employee when you have good education background. By taking formal education, you can develop your skills too. It is not right when some people say that all people who don’t take the formal school will be able to get better career than educated person. When you communicate with both of them, you will be able to differentiate between person who takes formal education and person who never gets formal education.

Why Home School Is Good for Your Kids

Home School

Home School

Many people may have opinion that home school is not better than regular school. But, many others argue that home school is good and it results better than a regular school. Even though the effects and benefits of home school are still debatable but it is interesting to know more about home school. Right here we will share and discuss about the reasons why home school is good for your kids.

There are quite many reasons why home school is good. To make it clearer, let’s talk about it one by one. Firstly, home school is fun. The curriculum used in home school is designed differently compared to the curriculum used in public schools. However, what involved in the curriculum does not contradictive to what are suggested by the government. In fact, your kids can choose the curriculum they like. Secondly, home school is good for your kids because it provides intensive teaching learning process. Your kids will get much attention from the teacher. As a result, your kids will learn better as individual. Thirdly, home school will not make your kids get too much stress. It is fun to study at home with warm and familiar surroundings. Your kids can concentrate well. The last reason why home school is good for your kids is because home school is safe. It is much safer than public school regarding some issues appearing in some public school. Both of your kids and you will feel much safer. You do not need to worry about your kids during their school since they are studying at home, where they feel familiar and safe.

Starting your kids’ education with home school is much more preferable. Your kids will have so much fun during teaching learning process. Besides, they will get more intensive lessons they cannot get in public school. On the other hand, your kids’ safety should be your most concern.

How to Start Homeschooling Your Kids



Home school is not something new in education. In fact, many people agree that home school can be a good alternative to educate children. Home school has many benefits for both children and parents. If you are typical parents who prefer to send your kids to home school, it is good for you to know the tips how to start homeschooling your kids. It is very important matter because most parents do not succeed sending their kids to home school.

There are some things you should focus on before getting started in homeschooling your kids. The very first thing you as parents must focus on is the kids’ interest. Kids’ interest is something crucial to determine what kind of home school the kids’ should take. Kids’ interest will influence the objectives of the home school itself. So, before you start homeschooling your kids, it is better to make such research about what your kids are interested in. The next thing you must focus on is the curriculum. Home school uses curriculum which is slightly different from what is used in public schools. In fact, you can decide the curriculum based on your kids’ concern and the objectives of the home school you take. Another thing you should focus on is the learning style. You can consult the learning style which your kids are comfortable with to the tutors or teachers. It is good to consult it to the psychologist as well to make sure that your kids feel so much comfortable with the learning style. The last thing you as parents should focus on before getting started in homeschooling your kids is joining home school group or community. It is good to have your kids studying with other kids in home school group or community. It will develop courage and social compassion of your kids.

Homeschooling your kids is an appropriate choice nowadays. You and your kids will feel comfortable with the learning method provided in home school. Besides, your kids will reach the goal of learning effectively. Home school is quite easy to control by parents without making the kids uncomfortable.